Things I do

Vintage dances for modern times


Workshops give your students a focussed, specialist learning environment to learn new skills or hone old ones.

Whether it’s a one-day session, a full weekend or a whole week, I will tailor a workshop to the themes and levels that you’d like.

Private lessons

When you need some more personal feedback, or some one-to-one time to improve an element of your dancing, a private lesson can give you the boost to take your dancing to the next level.

Private lessons in London are available at my home studio in Forest Hill with no additional cost.


I have a passion for performance, to bring the excitement of Lindy Hop to life.

I run Swingcopation, my company dedicated to vintage performance and events, and can provide any number of dancers for anything from a short routine or social dance, to a whole swing-era show.


As well as dancing myself, I also create swing dance pieces for TV, film, theatre, and specialty Lindy Hop troupes.

My work has been seen on BBC, ITV, on West End stages, and several music videos.

About Me

Lindy Hopper, Charleston Dancer, Unicorn Lover
There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everyone a great deal of good.
-Edwin Denby

I'm a professional Lindy Hopper, based in London, and teaching throughout Europe. I fell in love with swing dancing a decade ago in Melbourne and have made the pursuit of spreading joy and awesomeness my full-time career for the last 7 years.

I teach weekly classes in London for Swing Patrol, and sometimes run my own workshops locally. I take great pride in raising a new generation of dancers and helping them along their journey, wherever on that path they might be. My heart belongs to my students, but travelling to visit dancers outside of your hometown is always something special; seeing their individual styles and being able to bring them something new and (hopefully) fun and exciting.

I'm bipolar when it comes to competitions - I hate the nervous moments, and the illogical sadness if I don't achieve what I'd set out to do, but I love how it pushes me to achieve something greater than 'now', to create new art, and work to towards being a better dancer. I've won some things, and I've not won plenty more, but being in that moment with incredible peers draws me in to a new place of happy every time.

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  • The brilliant, high energy partner dances from the swing era.

  • The original swing dance in its evolution from dance fad to swing era style.

  • Solo vintage jazz dance, including Charleston, cakewalk, jazz steps and strolls.

  • The silly and fun 1910's animal-themed dance crazes that swept the United States.

My partners

I teach and perform with these exceptionally fabulous people

Ashleigh Cochrane

Swing Ninja
Ash is an absolute ninja and my main partner in crime. She has been swing dancing since she was knee high to a grasshopper, and when not swinging out she works as a training manager for Selfridges.

Trisha Sewell

The Suga Bomb
Trisha has been, and continues to be, one of the UK’s most influential instructors. Bringing a world of experience, Trisha cares deeply for her students and this has earned her admirers the world over.

Robyn Larsen

Charleston Queen
Robyn has been a dancer her whole life, and excels in finding the weirdest analogies she can when teaching. She’s got a Masters in Acting, and applies it liberally in every performance, especially through her love for the 1920s.

Nancy Hitzig

Nancy is a bundle of Canadian awesome, ready to bring it at any moment. A fellow deca-swing-versary member, Hitz knows what she’s talking aboot, and loves nothing better than to make her students more awesome.
Some happy dance camps from all around the place
I love to meet new friends!